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Project Description


“Put your hand on your heart, the old man said. Inside you there is a power, there are ideas, thoughts that no one else has ever though of, there is the strength to love, pure an intensely and to have someone else love you back. There is the power to make people happy and to make people laugh. It’s full of compliments and the power to change lives and futures. Don’t forget that power and don’t ever give up.” ~ Atticus

Serra found yoga in 2006 and began a life-long love affair with the endless opportunities for movement, and growth on all levels.

She has completed trainings with Ganga White, Tracy Rich, and Jae Murphy and has studied with many other Yoga Master over the years. and has been heavily influenced by creative vinyasa and ashtanga as well as many other somatic release therapies such as Feldenkrais, Holotropic Breath, 5 Rhythms, Myofacial release, Structural Integration and more. Her combined methods provide a potent tool to unlock and process trauma and create new pathways of movement for body, mind and Spirit.

Serra is an E-RYT 200* teacher and has created a 200 Hour RYS based on yoga, shamanism, song and women’s empowerment. This Summer, This Summer, Serra and Ashley Albrand, one of her inspirations as a Yogini, Dancer, Mother, and Medicine Woman, will be co-hosting Ashley’s Nature’s Blessing Moon Sagittarius to Pisces, Module 1, in Oregon from Augsut 26 – September 6th, 2017.

Nature’s Blessing
Moon Sagittarius to Pisces
August 26 – September 6th

August 27th – September 6th

This is 10 day activation completes 100 hours of Ashley Albrand’s Infinite Source Yoga, a now Yoga Alliance recognized 200 hour yoga teacher training. You can add this to a Moon Module, Aries to Scorpio, to complete the total 200 hours, or you can plan to attend the Costa Rica modules Nov 1-16th, 2017 or March 17-April 1st, 2018.

Whether you desire to teach yoga, or simply wish to deepen your practice of yoga as well as a steward of this earth, connect with women and engage in a potent transformational journey into your wombanhood, this is the gathering for you.

Truth consciousness is simple when we return to the church of MOTHER EARTH.

Oregon native spirit energy is deeply interwoven into the rocks, trees, land and animals in this lush & powerful portal. Infinite Source Yoga is rooted deeply in Oregon. We consider it one of our heart homes abound with waterfalls, hotsprings, rushing rivers and the silence of ancient trees that will co-facilitate your own healing and remembrance.

A few things you can expect from this training for WOMEN ONLY:

  • Receive a certificate of completion for 100 hours of  Infinite Source Yoga training
  • Activate your highest potential
  • Heal from dis-ease and mental programming
  • Unwind from a lifetime of societal stress
  • Priceless time spent connecting to the highly vibrational and sacred lands of Oregon

What’s included:

  • certificate of completion for 100 hours of Infinite Source Yoga training
  • Red Tent Wisdom (Ceremonial Menstruation)
  • Rite of the Womb” activation
  • Yoni Steam + Sound Healing Meditation
  • Live Music
  • Group Song Workshops
  • Healthy, local, seasonal and sustainable Meals
  • Lots of ceremony
  • Plant Medicine Activation
  • Nature activation

What’s not included:

  • Transportation

In this paradise yoga certification program you will learn a non-dogmatic synthesis of classical and contemporary techniques drawn from the best major systems today. The curriculum includes how yoga works, the origins of yoga, an exploration of Iyengar, Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois & classical yoga, as well as the expanded consciousness channelings of the Infinite Source Yoga lifestyle. Infinite Source Yoga is derived from the roots of yoga, tantra, the consciousness of nature and the wisdom of the Goddess. Very close in relationship to Vinyasa flow Yoga- a powerful and dynamic system that combines asana, pranayama and meditation. Twice daily sadhana (practice) along with ritual and tending the heart fire in relationship to the moon are in our daily rhythm. New Moon & Full moon sacred ceremony makes this training unlike any other. This is an initiation into sva dharma. The purpose of the self.

This training is unique and revolutionary in the field of yoga. Enjoy a quantum leap in your physical experience, expanding your field of awareness. Allow the perfection of nature to teach and heal you with lessons held directly in the temple of the Earth, pachamama. Learn the deep unwinding practices of Infinite Source Yoga & nurture yourself with our use of food and plants as medicine. We experience anatomy through touch using myofascial healing techniques. Part of our daily rituals include sacred myofascial release, musical activation, teaching workshops and classes, native american teachings, indigenous native arts, pre & post natal yoga, medicine dance, truth consciousness, composting & earth worship, adventuring nearby and more. You will learn how to instruct and set up classes, the purpose of each asana & hands on corrections.

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Retreat Price $3,500

Deposit of $1,000

Your payment options:

You can choose to pay for your experience in 3 ways:

  • Square Cash App: (No fee!!) Download the app to your phone, enter your payment info and the amount owed, either your deposit or any amount of your balance, and select PAY and send to: $OGyogini$. This is the best way to pay if you want to make multiple payments!
  • Transferwise: Create an account and then enter the amount to pay, enter the email and Ashley Albrand as the name, then payment is completed on this end. Transferwise has a lower fee of about $15 and will keep you updated on the transfer.
  • Paypal: Use the link below. Choose your desired payment and you will be directed to the PayPal website. (If using our button there is an added $50 fee included in the total. If using the PayPal app or website please make sure to add the $50 fee to your total) *Please make sure to send us an email with your real name and PayPal name to if paying with PayPal.
  • Payment plan. Email Infinite Source for more details.

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