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Project Description

Kambo (Sapo)

Experience on of the world’s most potent antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, immune-boosting, pain-relieving medicines and more…

What is Kambo/Sapo?

Kambo is the name of the traditional medicine made from the venom of the Giant Monkey Frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor.  The medicine is commonly referred to as Kambo in Brazil and Sapo in Peru and has been used for ages by the many tribes within the Upper Amazon rainforest areas of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and several other countries.  The most common tribes who work with Kambo are the Kaxinawá, yet is is also used by many other indigenous groups including the Amahuaca, Katukina, Kulina, Ashaninkas, Yawanawá, Matses, Marubo and Mayoruna.

Tribes use Kambo for lifting what the they call panema, which is dark, negative, bad luck, heavy or lazy energy as well as for “hunting magic” and as a vaccine against malaria. Panema can manifest as any kind of blockage to living out the most potent version of yourself.

There are many lovely stories about how the tribes cam not know about Kambo as a medicine.  One of the most common stories is that a Curandera, female witch doctor, was given the insight as to how to use Kambo to heal her tribes during a ceremony with the sacred plant Spirit, Madre Ayahuasca.

I had already been through my first initiation with kambo, but when I connected with Serra she brought me into a whole new relationship with the medicine. Using just the right dose and holding a ceremonial container that felt very safe, I’ve gotten to renew my alliance with the frog and receive very deep levels of healing on physical and spiritual planes alike. It is so clear to me that Serra has dedicated her heart to the work that she offers, and because of this deep commitment each session is facilitated with integrity, presence, compassion, and skill.
Though kambo can often be described as “intense”, these recent sessions have shown me the gentler side of kambo as well; that there is a sweetness and deeply abiding loving kindness that comes when the heart opens to its own power & strength that is worth any challenge on the path to arriving there. All of this has been a blessing, and I am beyond grateful!

Elise C. Siegel, Visionary Guide & Performing Artist, Alkhemystic

What are the benefits of Kambo?

A description of Kambo by Professor Marcelo Bolshaw Gomes, author of The Spirit of the Shaman, states “Kambô circulates in the heart. Our shaman said that when we take Kambô it makes the heart move accurately, so that things flow, bringing good things to the person. It is as if there was a cloud on the person, preventing the good things to come, then, when it takes the Kambô; it comes a ‘green light’ which opens its ways, making things easier.”

Kambo has many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

In short, this medicine removes blockages to Spirit and to living one’s highest potential.

Kambo has been scientifically researched since 1980 & has been found to contain 139 peptides, 9 of which have been identified.  Peptides found in this medicine set off a chain reaction in the body to help the medicine circulate through the entire body through the lymphatic system and gathering toxins, bacteria, viruses, fungus and shuttling them out through a purge. This medicine has been shown to reset the system in a way that can heal many common ailments including cancer, lyme’s disease, depression, addiction, candida and much much more.

Peptide families represented in Kambo include:

  • Phyllomedusin (a tachykinin) which affects the gastrointestinal muscles, contributing to the intense vomiting and diarrhea experienced during a treatment.
  • Both Phyllokinin (a bradykinin) a and phyllomedusin strongly dilate blood vessels, which allows the medicine to breach the blood-brain barriers and circulate through the entire body.
  • Two other peptide families, Phyllocaerulein and Sauvagine, first induce a drop in blood pressure and then tachycardia.  Collectively, they stimulate the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland which account for an increase in sensory perception, digestive capabilities, stamina and physical strength as well as a strong analgesic affect.  Their combined efforts show strong potential in aiding those with gastrointestinal related cancers.
  • Two more peptides called opioids, identified as Dermorphin and Deltorphin, are 4000 times stronger than morphine and 40 times stronger than endogenic b-endorphines, the bodies natural pain killing hormone.
  • Adenoregulin works through adenosine receptors to target diseases associated with cognitive loss such as strokes, seizures, and Alzheimers, Parkinson’s.
  • Tryptophyllins help build collagen, which help heal skin rashes, scars, wounds, etc.
  • Bombesins help to regulate blood sugar levels and help with digestion.
  • Dermaseptin has powerful antimicrobial effects on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as antiviral effects on the herpes simplex virus.

There are many other peptides and benefits to working with Kambo that make it one of the most powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting medicines known to man.  In the Amazon it is even a common treatment for Malaria, snake and scorpion bites.  There are many more benefits that have not been tested.

Kambo brings up repressed emotions for us to process and move beyond so that we may live more fully in the present.  This allows us to have a deeper understanding of where we came from, who we are, and where to go from here.  It purifies our mind of limiting beliefs and patterns which also allows us to fully potentiate the highest vision we hold for ourselves.  Our mental and emotional levels are intrinsically connected and when we fully let go of the past, we can operate in the present, fully empowered and more potently magnetized towards our deepest desires, our purpose and our path.  Many people report their experience with Kambo to be like a rebirth.  People re-experience old physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, witness their death and pass through a portal of transformation that allows them to fully awaken into a new way of being. They even report having received insights on un-realized dreams and potentials that they can then breath new life into.

“This past year I have felt pretty good, I believed I was pretty asymptomatic (or so I thought). Energy levels were fine with a few cups of coffee in the morning and a rest in the afternoon, joints were ok with occasional leg cramping, still experiencing chest pains in times of stress but nothing crippling, anxiety levels managable with using CBD products every night to sleep, and digestive issues under control as long as I was eating a fully raw vegan very restrictive diet. But overall I was highly functional, having the ability to manage a very demanding full time school course load, living alone, and also having the ability to travel without any real problems.
I did my first Kambo in April, I herxed pretty bad for about a week after, but then I started noticing my energy levels and overall mood greatly increasing. Though I still was not sold. I then did Kambo about 3 weeks later, and again had a week of recovery, but all of a sudden had extreme focus, mental clarity, no random muscle spasms, and no afternoon energy crash. Suddenly school did not feel like it was sucking every last drop out of me, so I started working about 20 yrs a week as well. So I then began thinking there was something to this kambo stuff. So I did for a third time, about 3 weeks later. I have never experienced such a huge shift in my life. Immediately the next day I had so much energy I was bouncing off walls. I no longer needed coffee in the morning, as I had so much energy I was up at 4:40 am ready to go. I no longer had a desire to use CBD products, nor did I need them to sleep. I haven’t fallen asleep without taking some type of melatonin, CBD, or even klonopin since I was 17. After my third Kambo was the first time since I was 17 that I did not need 3 shots of espresso to get going in the day and a horse tranquilizing cocktail of things to sleep at night. My overall disposition on life was greatly improved as well. It no longer felt like it was taking every effort in body to do the daily things I needed to do, I have never experienced this type of a relaxed mental state, and I am more busy than ever before. My phantom chest pains that I have spent the past 2 years ignoring because I wanted to say I was asymptomatic have completely subsided, and I have not experienced any muscle cramps. I am still vegan and eat in a special way because it is something I am passionate about, but in my travels to mexico i was eating all the breads and tortillas and my stomach managed just fine. Finally, I have focus and mental sharpness like that I did not know I could have. I think I wasn’t even aware that I still had brain fog, but now it feels like a screen has been lifted from that part of my brain. I have done kambo twice since that third time and things just continue to improve, but the third time was definitely the most transformative. No other treatment has absolved my lyme symptoms quite like this one so I felt the need to share. I hope you can find this useful!”
Melina has Lyme’s yet is currently asymptomatic
Melina Smith

How is Kambo harvested?

Phyllomedusa bicolor, is gigantic and secretes poisonous sweat.  It is found in abundance in the jungle, and has no known predators so it is extremely docile, nocturnal, and arboreal.  You can often times find the frog at dawn, singing before the rain sometimes even 20 meters high up in the trees, which is how it got it’s name Giant Monkey Frog, or Giant Tree Frog.  Sometimes, it is much easier to find them and they are simply on the ground.  Either way, they are so docile that you can literally pick it up without any difficulty.  This is not a good idea since the frog’s poison can be absorbed through the skin, so they are often collected onto a big stick first.

The frog is tied around the ankles and wrists and stretched out in a way that does not harm the frog yet usually causes the frog to feel threatened and secrete its venom.  If the frog does not secrete its venom, the big toe of the frog is massaged and, as it relaxes, it releases its medicine.  From here it is easy to collect some the venom from the frog by lightly scraping a flat piece of bamboo against its skin.  The venom dries onto the stick and stored for later use.  It is considered extremely bad luck to harm the frog in any way.

How does Kambo Work?

It is very important to find a trained Kambo Practitioner.  This medicine is deeply entrenched in the traditions handed down from the tribes, and their lineage, & it is also a science.  Both need to be honored for both the full benefits of the medicine to potentiate.

Participants will be required to fast from solids, consuming only clear liquids for  12 hours beforehand.  Participants will consume 2 liters of water just before the treatment, with the majority of liquids consumed 15 minutes prior.

A treatment with Serra will begin with a short orientation, introductions, a little yoga and breath work to help get the energy moving, as well as journaling and possibly sharing intentions with the group.  Right before ceremony, sacred space will be opened and participants will begin to drink water and can continue to journal as Kambo treatments begin, one person at a time.

Following tradition, Serra will inoculate the upper left arm for men and lower right leg for women for the first session.  Tribes differ in beliefs, some have certain locations on the body with respect to the person’s sex, others say the marks should always be on the front of the body as a symbol of pride.  Serra will leave it up to the participant to determine where the medicine needs to go.  The medicine is a controlled dose of venom.  Once the number of burn points are determined, a small stick is used to make small blisters that are removed to reveal a fresh layer of dermis, called a “gate.”  Water is poured over the stick containing the Kambo and a knife is used to scrape the venom into small balls of even size.  One “point” is applied and the patient is watched closely to test how sensitive the patient is to the medicine.  The venom enters the body directly via the lymphatic system so the effects are felt within seconds to minutes.  Heat is felt in the upper body and face and the patient begins to feel and hear their own rapid heart beat loudly.  Soon afterwards the symptoms typically subside.

Once sensitivity is determined, the rest of the points are applied and the effects begin to take place shortly after. Again, the patient will begin to feel heat, and a rapid heart beat.  It is common to feel the medicine begin to surge as it scans the body to determine what needs to be released.  Often times, the participant will feel a warning or tingling sensation in these areas during this time.  Very soon, even simultaneously, the patient will to vomit bile, and or have defficate, sweat, shake, swell up, and even cry or experience a state of bliss.  Either way, the medicine is very strong, and there is no doubt that rapid change is on its way.  It is important to purge at a very deep level, if there is no purge, Serra will either pour water of the points to invigorate them, the venom will be flipped to allow more of the medicine to enter the body, or more points will be applied.

Since Serra has been working with rapé for about a year now, and feels completely comfortable with it, She will utilize rape, pronounced ha-pay, if someone is having trouble moving energy.  She will also offer this medicine along with Sananga, a shamanic eye drop, afterwards to help with integration. Please see the section below for a full description of what rape is & how it is utilized.  The whole experience occurs within a few minutes and can last up to 20 minutes.  More commonly, the experience is over within 10-15 minutes.  After the purge, the points will be wiped off, and Sangre De Grado, a natural tree sap, is applied to disinfect and seal each wound.  Afterwards, the participant may feel a bit weak and or nauseous.  Most feel better within 30-40 minutes after treatment.  Most people experience the full benefits the following morning and more fully a few days later.

On the spiritual level, the frog reflects our inner wisdom back to us.  Often times before, during or soon after you will receive insights as to habits, behaviors, beliefs,  conditions, etc. that hold you back from living at your highest and best potential.  After the treatment is over, I highly recommend journaling about the experience and any insights that may have been gleaned.  A light snack of fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and tea with honey is a good way to ground back in and integrate your experience.


Kambo can be served in a single dose, or in multiple doses, depending on the individual’s needs.  For Each session will be completely unique & a number of factors will be considered including experience, last number of points, intention, location, sensitivity & more.

The frog is a universal symbol of reclaiming your personal power.  Whether you are experiencing this disempowerment on a gross or subtle scale, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, it is best time to come to Kambo when nothing else is working.  Kambo is that powerful force that can lift you out of a deep fog.  Once you are working with, and have developed a strong relationship with the frog, it is important to maintain that relationship so that you can continue the good work you are doing together.

Kambo is different every time, it meets you where you are.  There are many philosophies as to how many points one should receive and how often.  For the first encounter with Kambo, it is recommended to have 3 treatments no more than 28 days apart, often times with an odd and increasing number of points; such as 5, 7, and 9 points. Both groups agree that there should never be more than 28 days in between treatments, or the frog practitioner will have to re-establish their relationship together all over again.  Once a relationship is established between the frog and You, just pay attention to the connection and listen to when it is time to come back to receive the medicine again.  Serra will give as many points as it needed to produce a healthy purge, and no more.


Kambo is totally safe when given by someone with a complete understanding of all possible contraindications, and also when the person receiving treatment completely discloses all information.  Do not try Kambo on your own unless you have completed a training course.

Contraindications for Kambo:

  • Under 18
  • Serious Heart Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding Mothers
  • Serious psychological disorders

On Menses?

You can expect a little heavier flow for a few days


Bring an inhaler


Bring some fruit or a light snack

Taking medications?

Check with me & avoid taking them before your session

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to discuss them with me.

Kambo with Serra

All treatments will be administered by Serra Lynn Smick for up to 10 participants. For more than 10, another trusted practitioner will be brought in to ensure that each participant receives the richest presence possible from each practitioner. Serra found Kambo in the beginning of 2016 when her back went out.  She was in an incredible amount of pain with spams, numerous subluxations & structural abnormalities & was willing to try anything.  She turned to Kambo as a natural way to manage the pain & was also looking forward to the many other peptides found in this jungle cocktail.  A year later, Serra was really feeling called to work with Kambo and her dear Sister, friend & incredible IAKP trained practitioner asked if she wanted to participate in a small, private intensive training.

Serra has been walking the medicine path for almost a decade now and serving this sacred medicine has been such a beautiful integration of her prior passions around natural medicine, biology, lifeguarding, EMT, and music. Her circles are held in with respect to all individuals, to the great spirit of Kambo, to the tribes that have discovered & have been working with this sacred medicine, to all life, its inhabitants and the natural rhythms of the cosmos & to ceremony and ritual.

Every ceremony begins with an orientation followed by opening sacred space. Each person is treated individually and receives Her full presence for the duration of the experience. Serra is a musical alchemist and utilizes her angelic voice and a multitude of instruments to guide the medicine throughout the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual layers and to aide in a beautiful and deep purge. Sananga, an eye drop for eye health made from the root of an Amazonian plant, and Rapé, see more details below, are offered after each session for further healing. After ceremony, a light snack and tea is enjoyed to break the fast and for integration while Serra provides information on what to expect and how to care for yourself after treatment.

What is Rapé?

Rapé, pronounced ha-pey in English, is a Shamanic snuff made primarily with a base called Mapacho, derived from Peruvian tobacco.  It is common to contain additives of barks, ashes, seeds, trees, leaves and other sacred Amazonian jungle plants.  The plant parts are cooked, and ground into a fine powder in a labor intensive process and each tribe has a different recipe.  The medicine is typically self-administered using a bamboo, wooden or bone v-shaped applicator called a kuripe, or administered from person-to-person via a similarly made, yet longer blow pipe called a Tepi.  With respect to Kambo, rapé is a beautiful medicine that helps to move energy along and will typically be used if someone is stuck and having trouble with the necessary purge.  It is also used to de-calcify the pineal gland, clean the Spirit, and align the chakras, or energy centers in the energetic body, or sometimes a particular chakra.

Is it legal?

As of now, Kambo is legal in the US and for now the Kambo community wishes to keep this scared medicine out of the limelight. 


Individual Prices:

1 Session: $150/person 

1 Private Session: $225/person

3 Sessions within 28 Days: $395/person

3 Private Sessions within 28 Days: $620/person

*The way it works for packages is that the first few sessions are full price and the last session is discounted by $55. So, for those open to group environments it would be $150 for session 1 and 2, and $95 for the last session. For those requesting privates, it is $225 for session 1 and 2 and $170 for the last session.  You can pay for all 3 up front as well.

*any travel expenses will also be added to the price

*Serra accepts cash or Paypal. For payments made with Paypal the payment must be sent “friends and family” or the price goes up to accommodate the extra fees.

Cancellation Policy

  • For cancellation of individual sessions, Serra requires 48 hours notice.
  • For groups of 3 or more, 72 hours of notice is required.

If you cancel within this time frame, the full amount minus any travel expenses already paid for (plane tickets, etc.).  If you cancel after this timeframe, you will lose the any travel expenses as well as the $50 deposit.  If this happens, you are welcome to apply this amount towards a future event made within one year, and in which you will be allowed one more cancellation, if needed.


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2. “Kambo: Scientific Research and Healing Treatments” by Giovanni Lattanzi

3. “Making Magic” by Peter Professor Marcelo Bolshaw Gorman

4. “Kambo; The Spirit of the Shaman” by Marcelo Bolshaw Gomes