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Project Description


“You are alive by breath, you are a product of breath, and your realization is through breath. The moment you are in touch with your breath, the Universe pours into you.”  Yogi Bajhan

We have a direct physical response to external stimuli.

In a state of fear, our breath becomes rapid, shallow or even suspended, and while in a state of ecstasy, our breath deepens and smooths out.

Breath is an extremely powerful vehicle for the movement and transformation of trauma stored in the body.

Previously believed unconscious breathing patterns resulting from trauma can be made conscious through the practice of awareness.

Harmony can  be restored on all levels through conscious breathing patterns.

Serra’s work draws upon the wisdom of many trans formative breathing practices and sound healing that open up the practitioner into an expanded and altered state of awareness, clear stuck energy, calm the nervous system and align with their highest human POTENTial.

Serra channels angelic, harmonic sound using a variety of instruments and powerfully channeled songs during her breath work sessions to help guide stuck energy out of the individual.