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My Story

You are the spider, the fly, and the web. Stop playing. Start living.

Serra Lynn Smick is a Medicine Woman, Sound Alchemist, Reiki Master, Yogini, Meditation Guide, Breath Work Practitioner, Performance Artist, wisdom keeper of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries and midwife to the new higher dimensional Earth we are so blessed to be living in right now.

She began her journey towards self-realization after completing her first yoga teacher training with the White Lotus Foundation and master level reiki training with Jessica Nevins and Desiree Nicole Lee in 2008.

She taught and treated for several years in Orange County before moving to Big Sur, CA where she was connected with a multitude of expressive movement arts, transpersonal studies and Shamanism.

After experiencing debilitating and chronic back and body pain in early 2016, Serra’s whole world was shaken to the core.  The pain was a true gift from Spirit as it shook out anything in Serra’s life that was no longer a part of her path and streamlined her focus towards the gifts she is meant to carry into this new world we are all birthing ourselves into. Serra is currently focusing her efforts on carrying the medicine of Kambo, working with Women for the purpose of deep inter dimensional healing, sound alchemy and breath work.  She is working on a system for healing weaving together many modalities within the construct of a “divine compass” as well as online courses and webinar series around intentional living, medicine work and the feminine mysteries.


“Practicing with Serra was so playful and profound at the same time. her unique movement style is feminine, fluid and powerful and helped me tap into creativity and connection to myself in new ways.”

~Claire Ragozzino

“I have never really met anyone who feels and reaches as deeply as Serra does….her amazingly innate ability to always deliver a message before and after class, that completely mirrored what i most needed left me awestruck on many an occasion. i have followed this great journey of her Constant deeper self discovery and understanding with pure awe and admiration…..i vividly also remember the first time I heard her sing, closing out our yoga session….her’s is the voice of an angel plain and simple. I cannot imagine a more remarkable experience than being able to join what will undoubtedly be a life altering workshop in the beautiful surroundings of Costa Rica.lucky indeed are those who will be in attendance.”

~Kristi Eidson Hedberg

“I’m one of the fortunate souls that live in the same vicinity as Serra and have the opportunity to be guided weekly in her yoga practice. She is by far one of the most creative, intuitive, caring and awe-inspiring teachers I’ve ever encountered. She leads by instinct, listening to what her students most yearn for and weaves together an unforgettable experience — lending not only her gift for guiding budding yogis and yoginis into deeper, more mindful asanas but also bringing into the practice breathing exercises, meditation and her multitude of musical talents.”

~ Angela Hains