10 Ways to Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power

10 Ways to Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power

This is a list of wonderful practices that I have come to know, love, and be transformed by. I am sharing them with you to help usher in the most amazing, loving, and self-nourishing year yet. Each practice is equally important and provide a wide array of benefits to the the entire woman’s system; body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

Maintain a regular meditation practice

A DAILY meditation is so important. There are infinite ways to meditate, and it is up to you to find your own way. You can meditate on your own, or there are many guided meditations out there. You can even look up a guided meditation with a specific focus. With any beneficial practice you bring into your life, it won’t work unless you can make it your own. Pick a time of day that will work for you and a reasonable length of time and stick to it. Meditation is a practice. In the beginning you may end up sitting with your thoughts and not feel like you are getting anywhere, yet soon it will begin to take hold. The practice of letting the mind chatter fall away will begin to permeate, not only ft lay the groundwork for a solid meditation practice, but in your day to day life.

Yoni Steam

This age-old practice is known by many names. Yoni/Vaginal Steams, Chai-Yok or Bajos come from Asia and Africa and are making their way to the west. The practice entails steaming and squatting over herbs that are beneficial to the female reproductive organs. There is a long list of benefits including alleviating menstrual cramps, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids, vaginal or yeast infections, uterine weakness and uterine prolapse, tonifies the entire reproductive system, increases fertility, regulates menstrual cycle, helps the uterus to release any old blood and clots, decreases flow of cycle, relieves symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause, and alleviates odor. There are more benefits and I encourage you all to read more. In addition, it feels amazing! Sitting over a steamy pot of yummy herbs is simply divine.  Personally it calms me down, cleans me out and I have noticed so many benefits in my own cycle. It is good to steam before or after your cycle.  I personally recommend steaming right before your cycle, so ONCE A MONTH.

Menstruation Journal

Keeping a journal focused around your menstrual cycle THROUGHOUT THE MONTH is such a powerful way to begin listening to the wisdom of your womb and also helps you get to know your own rhythms and cycles.  I like to keep a moon calendar with my day planner & mark red over the days I have had my moon cycle. I journal about anything that comes up for me during a yoni steam and during the sacred time of my moon cycle. So  much wisdom comes through us women during when we are releasing our blood. Even women who are holding their blood, in menopause, go through a monthly cycle and have a time during their cycle where they are energetically releasing. Every month when you release your blood you are releasing everything you went through the prior month, all the emotional and energetic material. Your womb has so much to say and it is begging that you listen! There are so many videos and so much information online about how to listen to the wisdom of your womb. I would love to refer you ladies to another sister online who is just as passionate about the magic of women. Please check out IndigomoonEnemark.com where you can find 5 simple questions that will help you to master your menstrual cycle.  I advice scouring her site as she also has many great articles, including a guide to yoni steams!

Pray with your moon blood

In ancient times, menstruation was a time for slowing down, drawing inwards, sitting with the earth, listening to divine wisdom and being taken care of. Society has changed this. Currently, many women view their moon time as a time of burden, stress, inconvenience and pain.  We do whatever we can to plug up and control our cycle so that we can go about our daily lives without the inconvenience. This goes against our nature and ignores a huge gift that we are given as women, as gatekeepers for the portal of life.

There is a Moonlodge Prophecy that says “When the women return the blood to the Earth that is given freely, we will take back our Men from shedding blood in war.”

I have been in the practice for about 7 years now of returning my blood to the Earth and it has been one of the most powerful practices, not only for myself but I can feel it is helping to transmute the darkness in the world and anchor in the light.

Look forward to your moon time and get excited to pray with your sacred, live-giving blood to come.

There might be a few items you need. You will need to catch your blood for this practice, or your can simply let it flow freely into the Earth if that is available to you. There are moon cups, sponges, and rags out there for more options on how to do this in a way that feels good to you. My personal favorite is the Lena Cup. Most cups have different sizes which basically depend on whether you have given birth. I know women who use and love sponges and rags, yet I love my cup so much and don’t like having to dilute my blood with water to collect it, and so I can’t really speak to these.  Experiment with what works for you and have fun getting to pray with your blood.

You will also need a special jar, which you can decorate if you like. Make sure your jar is something that does not leak and is small enough that you can put in your purse if you need to. You never know when your cup runeth over and it is good to be prepared so you can work with your blood when the timing is right.

When you feel called to return your blood back to the Earth, do not just dump it out.  First of all, your menstruation blood is incredibly rich with fertile nutrients.  After all, it was meant to provide nutrients for the possibility of life. So trees and plants love receiving this sacred gift. Your blood is like the physical manifestation of your prayers so when you give the blood back to the Earth it affects the land, the area and people around it. Imagine a grid embedded with your prayers through your blood. So listen to where the blood wants to go and if it leads you to someone’s land, then get permission.  Your blood will affect the area and it is good that all people who will be affected by it are supportive of this practice. EACH MONTH, before you place your blood into the Earth, think about what your are releasing and calling in, not only for yourself but for the Earth, the cosmos, Spirit and the collective. Know that your prayers have been received and are nourishing the Earth with the energy of the rise of the divine feminine.

Yoni Egg Practice

A yoni egg is also an ancient practice of using a crystal stone shaped like an egg and inserted into the vagina to tonify, strengthen, and heal the yoni, or female vagina. Again, there is so much information and so many videos on this as well, so I encourage you to learn more. Over time, using the egg with begin to transmute prior trauma stored in your womb space, heal scarred or damaged tissue in the cervix, create balance, as well as tonify and strengthen the muscles in the vagina.  Over time this practice can help improve moistness, pleasure given and received during intercourse, fertility, and so much more. I have 3 eggs now; crystal quartz, amethyst, and now black obsidian. Black obsidian is incredibly powerful at drawing out negative energy, and protection yet it can be very intense so I don’t recommend starting with this stone. There are many different stones you can work with and they all have different benefits. A good stone to begin with is a Jade egg. You can let your egg tell you when it is time to be inside of you. I like to keep my egg in all month, and when it is time for my blood to flow I take it out. You can do whatever you feel called to do.

You can find them online. I sister in Colorado makes incredible stones and very consciously clears them and says prayers over them before sending them off. She also gives you access to an online guide to using your egg. You can find her on etsy

Align with the Moon

The moon is a feminine force and we as women are governed by it.  It is the moon that creates a gravitational pull on the Earth, on us and really with everything that comes into its field. It governs the rhythms and cycles of nature, including our moon cycle. Many of today’s imbalances are felt because we have forgotten our relationship with the moon.  Without much effort, it is pretty easy to not even see the moon each night and be completely disassociated from the cycles of the moon entirely. It is important to make sure you can see the moon in all phases while you sleep and even to go outside each night, even if it is only 5 minutes and spend time under the moon. Let the inside of your home reflect what is happening with the cycles.  When it is dark, see how much you can turn out the lights and go by candlelight.  This isn’t always practical but follow it as much as you can and you will begin to feel your body aligning with a natural cycle and you will be surprised at all the health benefits that align with this NIGHTLY practice of honoring the moon.

Spend time in nature

Another way we tend to get out of balance without even realizing it is if we spend too much time in a city, are around too many machines, and artificial light, etc. Getting away from all the micro, radio waves and surrounding yourself in nature is one of the most affective ways to reset and recharge. I know when I need to “get away” when I begin to feel frazzled. I seem to need to recharge in nature about once a month, usually around the time of my moon, yet I do not get to escape this often. If you can get away once a month, even for a hike, this will really make a big difference. When I do spend time in nature, I make sure I am disconnected from technology and go off candlelit after it gets dark. I return to a more simple way of living, and spend a lot of time reading, journaling, and just clearing my head. I always return feeling reset and ready to take on life.


Some of us create through speaking, writing, making crafts, painting, knitting, carving wood, or playing music. We are all creative in our own way.  Allowing yourself an outlet is vital. In our womb chakra, or energy center, we carry our innate ability to create.  Whether this is a physical baby, or another form of creation this is a birth rite.  Male or female in anatomy, it is good to let the energy flow here.  If there is something preventing you from having some time EACH WEEK to create, then be aware and make the time. It doesn’t have to be a long time either. Maybe you set aside 20 minutes each Sunday to paint.  For me personally I love to up-cycle clothing and jewelry and decorations and altar items with sacred stones, bones, feathers, etc. I usually allow to a full half day once a week for this, but there are times when this turns into writing or making a video or music. It shifts and changes and as long as I get to put my personal touch on something and leave my mark on the world on a weekly basis, I feel pretty great.


During the Full Moon, the Sun fully lights up the Moon. During this time, the Moon is closer to the Earth and has more of a gravitational pull and thus more affect on us.  Because the moon will be waning for the following two weeks, a beautiful practice to get in line with this decreasing energy is to set aside some time on the full moon to get clear about what you want to release.

During the New Moon, the Earth blocks the sun’s light from the moon fully and the sun is farthest away from the Earth and has the least gravitational pull and thus affect on us. Over the next two weeks, more and more sun light will shine on the moon and it will appear to be increasing. This is a great time to get in touch with what we want to align with this increasing energy.

In the past I have hosted ceremonies on each full and new moon.  Mostly women would come. I have been a bit nomadic over the past two years and now simply create space for a 20-30 minute ceremony where I connect with the energies of the moon.

Keep a dream diary

This is another practice that takes time to build.

Before you go to bed, set the intention to acknowledge you are dreaming while dreaming, and to remember your dreams. If you wake up, try not to give way to the rustlings of the waking process. Try to keep your eyes closed if possible.  You can keep a journal and pen near your bedside to record. My favorite way is to create a new voice memo for each night of dreaming. You just have to remember to transfer them into your journal before they get back-logged. I recommend recording in the middle of the night if you wake up out of a dream you remember.  As much as you think you will remember in the morning, you probably won’t. Waking up and going back to sleep in the night also increases your chance of having a lucid dream, which is where you realize when you are dreaming and can then take control over the dream.

The more you set the intentions, the more you will remember you are dreaming and what you dreamt.  As you become make the unconscious more and more conscious you will get more out of this magical state of consciousness. Dreams give us insight into our subconscious mind and can often be both a practice, provide guidance and information on how we can best live our lives.


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